2014 Gratitude List

Another year coming quickly to an end, a year of hard things as well as happiness. Different challenges, and different joys, I sit here writing my list with my mind and heart full as ever.

Here are things I’m grateful for, both big and small:

My little Sam, the smooth pregnancy, perfect delivery, and all the things he teaches us about love and life every day.


My wonderful husband, the father to my little one. He understands me and loves me. Every year with him gets sweeter and sweeter. He’s pretty great.

My mom and the friendship we have cultivated as I have grown older and become a mother

Friendships that have grown and strengthened this past year

Our home, and everything that makes it warm, safe and “me”


My strong, healthy body that is capable of amazing things

The happy feelings from candle light

Laying in a bed with fresh, clean sheets

A whistling tea kettle

My sleeping baby

Freshly vacuumed floors

The resilience of the human spirit

And as always, a loving Heavenly Father that I know, hears and answers the desires of my heart

What are you grateful for this year?

Samuel: Eight Months + Halloween

Not a whole lot going on this past month, so here are the highlights:

Sam cut his two bottom teeth last month and they are pretty stinkin’ adorable

His sleep schedule is the same. Going going down around 7:30p.m. every night, but still waking up for feedings. Again, most nights I don’t mind. Still paranoid about SIDs, so nighttime feedings bring a little comfort. It’s all about finding the silver lining people

He is doing fan-freakin-tastic with eating solids. There was a phase where he did good, then he didn’t, and now he’s a rockstar. He really digs my morning smoothie (blueberries, banana, avocado, kale, celery) and his new favorite is our homemade butternut squash soup. Mine too actually. It’s like veggie-candy, it’s not even right. Anyway, he’s had quite the variety of solids. Our only problem was Sam gorging himself to the point of vomiting. But we’re pretty much/almost past that. Hallelujah!

He feeds himself and us crackers. We ask him, “Can I have a bite?” And then he’ll feed us and laugh. It’s probably one of my favorite things right now

He loves gnawing on slices of apple or chunks of banana and loves drinking water. It’s kind of awesome to have more options than breastfeeding. Especially if we are on the go, I can pull out his little treats and feed him

He’s very chatty and expressive

Still laughs a ton

He’s still not crawling yet, but he rolls. Everywhere. All the time. Under the dresser. Under the crib. Under the bed. Under the chair. It’s funny, and he likes it. But not so much when he gets stuck

He loves practicing walking with mom and dad and screams with delight when we do it with him

He’s wearing 9-12 month clothes

He is just as sweet as ever


And this was our low-key Halloween at my parent’s house:

I love this photo


Kasen loves this one


He says it’s less dramatic

Either way, Sam hated the costume like a lot of babies do. But it had to be done. It was a leftover costume that didn’t fit my niece when she was a baby, so the hand-me-down was a win

Sadly, Kase and I didn’t dress up this year. It was the first time in a longgggg time (like, I really don’t remember the last time) that I didn’t dress up. Such a bummer. But we had stuff to take care of when Kase got off work and it just wasn’t going to happen

After our errands, we were in my parents area and decided to stop by  unannounced, watch Hocus Pocus and help my mom pass out candy because I knew she would be tired after work. Besides, seeing cute kids in costumes is always fun

That’s about it around here! The sun is out for yet another beautiful fall day in the PNW and as soon as Sam wakes up from his nap, we are walking to the park. Have a great weekend friends!

Andddddd…. We’re Back!

I had to write a little post of excitement to let all my follower friends know that the blog is back to normal! Last year, I upgraded to a self-hosting website (I won’t name bash as badly as I want to) and it was quite possibly one of my worst ideas. Ever. I hated it. Yes, hate. It messed with subscriptions, statistics, you name it. It. Was. Awful. For me at least.

But here we are a year later. So, if you haven’t received updates via email for the last year (which you probably haven’t), feel free to skim through my posts and spy on what we’ve been up to. Food. Travels. Moving. Baby. You know… the usual.

Oh my. It’s good to be back.

Now, let’s pick up where we left off shall we? As if a year wasn’t long enough…



One For The Books

Today was definitely one for the books. I finally have my feet up.

I’m sitting here with my hair wet, wrapped up in a towel, feeling so drained mentally, physically and emotionally. I spent today doing the obvious mom duties, of course trying to take care of myself in between. It started with Sam pooping in the bath tub this morning, and ended with him vomiting all over himself and me just before bedtime. My hair dripping. Literally. Not spit up. Vomit.

I feel exhausted. Oddly enough I got 7 straight hours of sleep last night (that’s a record)! But, I can’t decide if it would have been better if I never tasted the sweetness of that uninterrupted sleep, because I know that probably ain’t gonna happen again anytime soon!

My mind won’t rest. Maybe that’s why I’m blogging right now.

I recall the day. Sam crying as I try to work out in the morning. Every time. Then I’m prepping for a soup I need to bring to a church activity tomorrow, in addition to making two dozen delicious chocolate cupcakes. Of course, they had to be homemade, because I’m a cupcake snob like that. I fight the temptation to sink my teeth into just one of those suckers, because one never hurt anybody! But I said I’d make two dozen, and two dozen minus one is not two dozen. But they look so good… Oh well. They look better when they’re not on my hips.

Amidst the “to-do’s” I try to keep the house clean. No, not clean. Perfect. Everything in just the right place and not a smidgen off. I’m not exaggerating. It’s kind of awful. And then I realize I’m a little crazy because I’m running in circles just to clean what will become messy all over again when Sam wakes up and needs to eat or play.

The perfectionist in me has really started to get annoying. I’m working on it people.

Sam naps. My mind still won’t rest. My only down time is his down time.

I try and remember all the things I need to do because, of course, I forgot to write it down. Whoops.

The grocery list. I can’t even pull one together. It’s like writing an essay with writer’s block. Forget it. I’ll do it later. So I move onto our Halloween costumes… what will we be? Or what about Sam’s first birthday party? Agh, I gotta start planning. I get on Pinterest to figure it out. I get sidetracked because the mindlessness of it all feels so good. Sam wakes up. Welp. Guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Seven months into this mom gig and I’m still figuring it out. Figuring out the balance, if such a thing even exists. Figuring out that it’s okay to have things be a little messy, that it’s okay to let Sam cry a little while I finish things up. I’m figuring out that it’s okay if he isn’t on a rigid schedule or hitting milestones when books say he is supposed to, and that it’s okay if I don’t get cute until noon. It really is all okay!

Deep breaths. Woosah.

This week (for whatever reason) this keeps repeating in my head… “I make plans and God laughs.” I feel like this is so true for me. At least that’s how I picture it. It’s kind of comical really. I certainly didn’t think this is where I would be at this time in my life, but I sure am thankful.

Another testament to me that God’s plans are greater than my own… His ways higher than mine. Always.

Sam’s Updated Nursery

We started preparing for Sam’s nursery before he was born, and for whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to buy brown furniture. I think brown can look very beautiful and is very gender neutral, and I guess I didn’t want the typical white..? I don’t know. But after a few months I got so sick of looking at it and how small it made Sam’s room look.

Enter white paint.

I painted his dresser, mirror, shelf, bookshelf and crib. Oh, and got a glider for free and reupholstered and painted that sucker too. So here are some before & after photos





Besides the obvious of the white paint, we put Sam’s newborn photos in his picture frames (which will soon be swapped out with our family photos) and we have a storage bench on the right side of the room that holds his blankets (or whatever we want it to hold)





Here, there is the new glider, a new lamp I bought shortly after Sam was born, a new changing pad cover (because I think you should always have at least two of everything with babies), dresser knobs, the shelf rearranged and curtains swapped out with ones we had in our living room


Up-close of the dresser knobs


Up-close of the glider

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.44.59 PM

And of course, the best accessory to this nursery. My little fatty boy playing with his toy box (upcycled and stained wine box)


Everything is just a little more simple and clean. The white really opens things up, which is great when you live in a basement unit with almost no natural light. The idea was to have a white and gray nursery with pops of color. Again, gender neutral, but a lot less dreary and crowded! It makes my heart sing!

My Love Affair with Fall

I love Fall. Kind of obsessed with it actually

The sunny, crisp days that are perfect for the park




Leaves changing and falling

Watching the act of leaves falling is a really magical thing. It speaks to my soul


Picking up pumpkins and squash. Sam’s 1st time!



(Ignore the fact that I look like a vampire)

Subtle decorations when space is not your friend. #condolife


Fall flowers


Fireplace lit, or I guess I should say ‘fireplace turned on’ hehe


The season where it gets a little colder, so we snuggle a little closer, drinking hot drinks by the fire, smelling baked goods and counting our blessings. This is the life.

Family Photos

We had the opportunity to get family photos done when Sam turned 6-months and conveniently enough, he learned how to sit up all by himself, literally the day before. It made for a couple really cute photos. Anyway, here are some of our favorites (some are duplicates of color/black & white). Much thanks to our family photographer Brandee Leafty Photography (also here on Facebook).

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 4

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 6_Hair Fix

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 10

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 19 bw

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 20_Hair Fix

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 21 bw

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 21

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 22

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 28 bw

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 35

Classic major spit up all over Sam, mom and her boots in the middle of photos. Had to capture the memory but this doesn’t even look bad!

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 39

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 40

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 43

You would have never known that this sweet face was tired and ‘grumpy’ the entire photo shoot

Brandee_Leafty_Photography_Burris Family 47 bw