Perfection vs. Peace

Had a little break down tonight. I realized I am doing that whole ‘unrealistic expectations’ thing to myself again and school has taken over my life. I feel no balance. I need to be better about acknowledging myself for all the things I am doing rather than what I am not doing. I read an amazing blog post that actually put things into perspective for me a couple of weeks ago, you should check it out.

I go through ups and downs all the time, because I’m still learning to give myself permission to not be perfect in every aspect of my life.

The scriptures talk about being made perfect through Christ, but my favorite aspect of this scripture is that being perfect does not mean to be flawless, but rather to be whole. We are made whole through Christ. Life can be so hard, and hard isn’t even the best word to describe it. But like my favorite quote below says, when life gets too hard to stand… kneel.

It is in Him that I find my strength and peace, which cannot be found elsewhere.

If Life is…[pulling you down] pretty hard right now, hang in there, and hang onto the right things. It can only get better.

What are some things you do to keep lasting peace and balance within yourself?

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